Micro-perforated Stainless Steel 5-quart Colander

Micro-perforated Stainless Steel 5-quart Colander

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(4 customer reviews)

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★ ELEGANT DESIGN & GENEROUS SIZE. PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL. COMPLETELY SOLID – Classic Design. Size:11.22 x 13.78 x 4.52 inch. Holds five quarts. Professional-quality 18/10 stainless steel. FDA Approved Food Grade Stainless Steel.Every part of the bowl is solid making it highly dent-resistant.
★ ENTIRE BOWL IS PERFORATED SO WATER DRAINS FAST – The entire bowl, from the bottom to the rim, is perforated. Water drains fast and there’s nowhere for water to get trapped.
★ USEFUL FOR A VARIETY OF KITCHEN TASKS – Micro holes prevent even cooked rice and orzo from going down the drain. Pasta and cooked potatoes drain well and don’t tear. Can be used for washing fruit and vegetables and even steaming food.
★ STURDY SOLID CIRCULAR BASE FOR STABILITY AND SAFETY – Solid, thick stainless steel base keeps the colander stable and level on any surface. Prevents tip-overs and spills. It also keeps your food raised well above the bottom of the sink.
★ WELL MADE AND COMFORTABLE. EASY TO CLEAN AND DISHWASHER SAFE – The sturdy handles give you a comfortable, secure grip. The micro perforated holes are smooth and rinse off easily.

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    Reviews (4)

Product Description

We must have had a painful experience time and time again:
You want to cook pasta or rice,but it always go through colander. You want to the water drains fast,but it always slow and stay.

Now, You should have in your Kitchen a Codream stainless steel 5 quart colander micro holes which will finally relieve you of all that hassle.

√ All-over perforated design. Every part of the bowl, from the bottom to the rim, is pierced with small holes. Water drains out super fast, and there’s nowhere for puddles to form.
√ Codream 5 quart colander are made of stainless steel which means our colander will never rust and can safely be placed in the dishwasher after use.
√ Each Hole are well perforated design.,smooth and comfortable,so they are durable and attractive looking, will never rub off and do the purpose they are intended for very well.
√ It’s the perfect solution to using cheap plastic colander and reducing your plastic footprint!

★ Perfect gift for newly weds or someone setting up house keeping
★ A great gift for those that love to cook or bake
★ Very high quality Stainless Steel
★ Pierced small holes from the bottom to the rim.Water drains out super fast,
★ Ideal for cooking and washing
★ The solid circle base is stable and holds the bowl up from your sink or counter.
★ The open handles allow a secure grip and can be used for hanging on a hook.
★ 5 quarts capacity. Big enough for any meal!
★ Dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for best results

4 reviews for Micro-perforated Stainless Steel 5-quart Colander

  1. 5 out of 5


    Over the years, I’ve acquired a number of colanders in different sizes, designs, and materials, always searching for one that was “just right.” That search ended the moment I tried my new 5-quarter colander from Codream. It seems perfect. I encourage you to watch my brief video review in which I point out the specific shortcomings of my previous purchases, contrasting them to my new one.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I find myself using this shiny, all stainless steel colander more than I ever expected to. It has a large 5 qt. capacity, but it’s both shorter and wider than the ones that I currently own. This shape enables me to better spread out my lettuce and grains so that water has full access to every surface. It’s also a more comfortable height to just leave it sitting in my deep sink for easy food preparation.

    If possible, you may want to get a second colander that’s just devoted to holding fresh produce. Aside from it looking stunning on the counter, fruit/veggies that don’t need refrigeration seem to last longer in a colander than in a traditional bowl (possibly due to the unrestricted air flow).

    I also like that the top and handles are flat and totally metal. This is especially useful for times when the colander is on the counter and I’ve needed a reliable emergency platform for a hot pan. My other colanders can’t do that…

    In an underside photo of the colander, you can see dimples where the base is attached to the bowl. This base has the raised metal brand “Codream” covered in removable plastic (the word appears backwards in photo).

    Note: Stray pieces of my extra long grain rice are able to slip through the holes. In this video, I show how much less gets through when the grain is WET. In contrast, my pearled barley can be rinsed without any loss (photos included).

  3. 5 out of 5


    If you’re not a cook, it’s probably impossible for you to imagine what a difference good quality kitchen utensils make. Hence, those exasperated comments from non-cooks: “Five freaking stars for a COLANDER!!! It’s just a metal bowl with some holes in it, for Pete’s sake!” Please take a deep breathe and try to calm down while I explain.

    This is not just a metal bowl with some holes in it. This is a metal bowl with some holes in it that was designed by somebody who COOKS. Somebody who’s cooked up a big batch of pasta or rice or whatever and found that the holes in their colander are too big and the stuff goes right through with the water. Somebody who’s had water pool up in a colander that’s not fully perforated. Somebody who’s resorted to a sieve to drain food and then spent a long, frustrating time trying to get food bits out of all those tiny, tiny holes. Somebody who’s used a colander with badly shaped handles or a wobbly base that doesn’t support the bowl properly. Of course, these things are not tragedies of universal proportions. They’re just the sort of minor irritations that add up until you throw out everything in your kitchen and call for pizza.

    Cooking should be a pleasant experience, but only if you have good equipment. This colander is the right size (big) and shape and the holes are just right and the handles are comfortable and the base is sturdy. You can boil food and pour it into this colander to drain and the job gets done correctly every time and it’s easy to rinse out. It’s also beautiful. I have mine hanging and I love looking at it almost as much as I love using it.

  4. 5 out of 5


    For those who make a lot of pasta for a lot of people, you will find this Colander to be just the thing to have. It is well made and has a sturdy base to it so you do not have to hold it when pouring the boiling water and holding the colander at the same time. Avoiding scolding water splashes and hot steam makes this colander a whole lot easier to use than others I have in my pots and pans cupboard.

    It is no easier to clean than any other colander I have owned, but it is also no more difficult. The stainless steel mesh should be resistant to any degradation of the mesh over time but I have not had it long enough to fully say that is so.
    Never the less, it is certainly large enough for any pasta you might be making, has strong handles on the sides and I love that it has a supportive base.

    A brief review, yes, but one that I hope has been helpful.
    Thanks for reading.

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